3 Remarkable Benefits of Being Ambitious

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If you’re just starting on your goal-setting journey you might wonder why you’d want to become ambitious. That’s why today, we’re getting into the benefits of being ambitious.

The benefits of being ambitious include:

  1. More creativity
  2. Personal growth
  3. Financial freedom
  4. Better self-esteem
  5. Life-long fulfillment
  6. Increased motivation
  7. Greater opportunities
  8. Higher levels of resilience
  9. Having a sense of purpose
  10. Being an inspiration to others
  11. A feeling of achievement and satisfaction

I’ve seen all of these in my life at different times. However, just three of them have made a deeper impact than the others, so that’s all we’ll review for now. 

Let’s get right to it!

1. The More Ambitious You Are, the More You Will Win in All Areas of Life

“When your ambition is greater than your fear, your life will get bigger than your dream.” — Farshad Asl

When I was about 15 years old my Dad showed me how he’d been setting goals for years and I started setting my own goals in the same way. 

That simple experience has had a lasting impact on me and I’ve been following the same pattern ever since. 

I started setting fitness goals, goals for school, and more. As I continued to set goals and track my progress through journaling, my life began to change. My grades improved, I gained some muscle, and I even got better friends.

This has continued into adulthood as I’ve found a fun and beautiful girl that I married and had four kids with, I got my engineering license and a great job in that field, I’m fit, and more. Most of all, I feel fulfilled.

They say that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and this has certainly been true for my life due in large part to my ambition. The more ambitious I’ve become, the more that rising tide of setting and achieving goals has lifted every “boat” in my life. 

It’s been remarkable to see. And it’s exciting to know that because I’ve become ambitious, I’ve got the skills and system to continue to win in all areas of life.

You can take advantage of these benefits by becoming ambitious yourself. Just follow these three steps. Soon you’ll start to see your ambition growing and with it, your success.

2. High Levels of Ambition Will Give You a Strong Sense of Purpose

“A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” — Marcus Aurelius

Have you ever woken up feeling like you weren’t going anywhere? Like, maybe, you had little reason to want to get out of bed? 

You may have been able to slog through the day if it was just one difficult day that this happened. But going through this every day is exhausting and miserable. 

That’s why you need ambition—because it will give you a sense of purpose that helps you have motivation and energy to get up and get after your goals every day.

This feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment, and peace is the best aspect of my goal-setting journey. 

And let me preface this by saying that none of this is to say how awesome I am, it’s to help you understand how becoming ambitious can make your life better. I’m far from perfect and have a long way to go, but I have seen some success along the way.

As I think back through the goals I’ve achieved like starting a family, running a marathon, getting a master’s degree, and more, I feel happy knowing I’ve worked hard and accomplished much.

A large part of this feeling of joy and purpose comes from knowing that I’ve made a positive impact on those around me. I see my wife and kids and know that my efforts to get an education, stay fit, and fulfill other ambitions will help them have what they need to thrive. 

It’s also incredibly fulfilling thinking about how sharing my lessons through this website and other methods can help motivate others to become ambitious too.

The key to taking advantage of this benefit of ambition is to reflect on your goals regularly. Doing so will bring more motivation and ambition to help you continue the upward spiral of growth and purpose.

3. You Can Raise Your Self Esteem By Becoming Ambitious

“Distance yourself from negative people who try to lower your motivation and decrease your ambition. Create space for positive people to come into your life. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.” — Roy T. Bennett

I failed to mention earlier that before I started setting goals in high school I was kind of a loser. I had few friends, didn’t understand social situations very well, was physically weak, and was just all around an awkward kid with no sense of direction or confidence.

Once I became ambitious, though, all of that changed.

I went from socially inept to somewhat popular, smart, stronger, and most of all, happy. I finally liked myself for once. And I knew who I was and it felt amazing.

Although the feeling of self-esteem has been stronger and weaker at times, it’s always been highest when I’ve set and worked toward ambitious goals.

The reason that this works is because when you become ambitious you set and achieve big goals, which gives you evidence of your awesomeness.

A major problem that makes you lose self-esteem is the way that you talk to yourself when things go wrong. You mistakenly think you’re a terrible person for even the smallest mistake. But that simply isn’t true.

You’re just learning, for one thing. And even better, you’ve got everything you need to succeed. Just set some big goals and go for them with all your effort.

Soon, those intrusive thoughts won’t stand a chance against all the wins you’re racking up. When you want to beat yourself up, you’ll instead be able to recognize that you’ve done amazing things and regain your confidence.

Wrap Up

Becoming ambitious has a ton of benefits. Here are just the top three that I’ve experienced in my life:

  1. Winning in all aspects of life including mental, social, financial, and fitness
  2. A strong feeling of purpose and fulfillment
  3. Improved self-esteem and self-confidence

I know that these advantages of ambition are real and amazing because I’ve seen them in my own life as I’ve become ambitious. I’m not perfect and neither is my life, but it’s far better than it would have been without ambition.