Do you want to reach your life goals but have a hard time sticking to your plans?
I'm here to help.

You don’t suck at setting goals.
You’ve just never learned how to do it
in a way that makes them stick.

My name is Luke and I’ve been engineering my
4-4-4 goal-setting system for the last 15 years.

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Set, Plan, Track:
the 4-4-4 Goal-Setting System

Personal Growth Made Easy


4 Goals

Only focus on the essentials

Divide your goals into the four pillars of life: faith, family, finances, and fitness for simplicity and clarity.


4 Levels

Unlock the power of accountability

Keep yourself accountable daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly with key lead indicators, lag indicators, vision, and identity.


4 Quarters

No more yearly goals

Quarterly accountability lets you have 4 resets, chances to start over, and times to review and change course every single year.

Hi, I'm Luke, a Professional Engineer, Managing Editor, husband & father, and the Creator of Goal Engineering

I have been setting goals and achieving them for over 15 years.

I’ve developed my system with lessons from my time as a missionary, engineering studies, the personal growth lessons I learned from writing over 300 non-fiction book summaries, and my personal experiences using it for years.

My methods and experience have helped me live my dreams including running a marathon, starting two businesses, having a family, buying a home, and much more.

What do you want to learn how to do?

Set The Right Goals

Plan for Success

Track Your Progress