13 of the Most Interesting Quotes About SMART Goals

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The SMART framework is a popular way to set goals. It includes setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It can be helpful to organize yourself for success, but there are some drawbacks to this system

That’s why today we’re getting into a few quotes about SMART goals to help you understand them better. And why you might not want to set them.

The Top 5 Best Quotes About SMART Goals

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” —  Zig Ziglar

“Setting vague or unrealistic goals can lead to frustration and disappointment. This is where the SMART goal methodology comes to the rescue. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound” — Jennifer Bettelyoun

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“Remember, no matter which words you choose to paint your goals, the real magic happens when you follow this SMART roadmap.” — Hajii 

“I recommend that you focus on both substance and process of your goals. I believe that both are equally important: by setting a high-quality SMART goal you will enable yourself to be conscious and your actions will carry more meaning; meanwhile, it is the execution of the SMART goals strategy that separates achievers from the rest of the people.” ― Anna Stevens, Turn Your Dreams And Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals!

5 SMART Goals Quotes that Explain the SMART Framework


“Keep in mind that you’re setting your SMART goal to attain a specific objective—not a broad one. You don’t just want any initiative to succeed, you want your specific project to succeed. To make sure you can achieve them, make sure your goals are specific to what you’re working on.” — Julia Martins


“When it comes time to measure your goals, you can articulate exactly how close you came to meeting your goal, or even how far you exceeded it.” — Zahier Adams


“The goal is meant to inspire motivation, not discouragement. Think about how to accomplish the goal and if you have the tools/skills needed. If you don’t currently possess those tools/skills, consider what it would take to attain them.” — Kate Eby


“Goals should move you in the direction of your values, dreams, and ambitions.” — Madeline Miles


“A time-based goal has a specific time deadline. You’ll want to determine if your goal is a short-term or long-term goal (or a combination of both). From there, you can determine a timeline and set a schedule to meet deadlines and accomplish your objective. Your timeline should also be realistic and allow you plenty of opportunities to make adjustments to your goal regarding its relevance, specificity and achievability.” — Jennifer Herrity

3 Quotes on SMART Goals That Show Why They’re Not So Great

“The biggest problem with SMART goals is that they are based on your perception of what’s possible (measurable) and what you are capable of (attainable). They don’t allow for possibility and the unforeseen opportunities that come along when you begin to think bigger.” — Bryan Teare

“SMART goals all feel a bit too clinical for me. They fail to connect with a reason you are setting this goal in the first place – what is the desired outcome, why are you doing this, what is the motivation, is it worth your time? When setting your goals, you have to have a fire in your belly! Without that it’s hard to motivate yourself towards achieving your goal.” — Alice Dartnell

“SMART Goal-setting will kill your dreams and your Mission!” ― Simeon Ivanov, 0.1%: Join The Club of The Richest, Healthiest, Happiest

Wrapping Up

Whether you decide to set SMART goals is up to you. I don’t personally use them because I figured out a way to set them in half the time. Click here to read the article on my simple 4-step goal-setting system that will help you stick to your goals all year long.